Important Reminder:

  • Players must sign on every week to be covered by Oztag’s insurance & qualify for finals.
  • No “ring-in / fill in” players allowed. Only players registered in your team may take the field. Penalties apply.
  • Teams must be in the same coloured t-shirt with a number on the back
  • Norwest Oztag & Blacktown City Oztag supports Australian Oztag’s “No strike” Policy


Mens A Division

Do You Even Tag   v   Eels   7.30

Mucca Mad Boys   v   Bridgewater   7.30

Mens C Division

Goosey   v   Red Hot Chilli Steppers   6.45

P.H.P.D   v   Court   6.45


Mixed A Division

The Last Dance   v   Eels   6.00

Adlays   v   Bridgewater   6.00

Mixed C Division

Tag On   v   Allstars   8.15

Scoregasms   v   Snittys n Bitties   8.15

Mixed D Division

How I Tagged Your Mother   v   Ball Fondlers   7.30

Spartans   v   WSU Ducks   7.30